Helicopter Power Line Inspection

Are you interested in helicopter power line inspection? Southwest HeliServices has worked with power generation and utility companies for many years, and we are an established specialist in overhead line surveys and inspections. What is our approach to helicopter power line inspection? To begin, our customer specifies a section of power line to be inspected. We then establish a preliminary flight plan that includes the location, complete mileage, and the expected number of structures to be inspected. There is a safety briefing before each inspection flight.

Both the ground and flight crews are briefed about the specifics of low level flying and flying in obstructed environments. We take the local weather conditions into account and as well as the electrical load conditions the route will involve. The pace of the inspection will always depend on the number of components and structures that need to be scanned, as well as the number of passes and observation angles requested during flight. Our flight experience offers utility companies a flexible solution for the inspection of transmission lines, distribution lines and even substations. Call us today for a free estimate.

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