Helicopter Game Management

The use of helicopters for game management offer many advantages. Wildlife management that relies solely on jeeps and automobiles is both time consuming and susceptible to inaccurate data. With the use of a helicopter for game management large areas can be surveyed efficiently and quickly. Biologists and researchers are not limited by the availability of roads and trails, making any area where wildlife may inhabit accessible. In addition, the low-level flight capabilities of a helicopter allow biologists to observe animals that are too far away to be spotted from a road or trail or would otherwise be hidden by topography or vegetation.

Our experienced helicopter crews have participated on surveys involving elk, deer, mountain goat, bighorn and sheep. Helicopter use for game management also give you the capability to make sightings of other animals such as moose, mountain lion, wolf, or bear, allowing you to provide documentation of a species' presence in certain areas. Helicopters are also used during capture operations to place radio collars on a number of big game species. Fisheries biologists even get the chance to take to the air to fly along regional waterways to observe fish counts. Contact us today for a free quote. Search for us online under “helicopter for game and wildlife management”.

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